Saturday, September 17, 2011

My Guilty Pleasure: Justin Bieber

So since Jack's asleep (*snicker* He was TIRED *wink*) I thought I'd share with you all this video.  Justin Bieber is my dirty little secret.  I secretly buy him music, upload his cds to my laptop and name them all "JB Jazz" and then hide the cd covers.  LOL.  Yes, I'm "in the closet" about Justin Bieber.  But since I'm all about "Living Your Truth" I figured I'd confess it:

My name is Vic or Vee and I love Justin Bieber.  *sob*

Anyway, this video is one of my faves as is this song.  I like the original but I LOVE the duet w/Rascal Flatts, I'm a Southerner, OF COURSE I love country!  But I currently have this song "That Should Be Me" on repeat.  Just  because as I was making cherry pie for Jack and I today it came to my mind.  Jack doesn't like the Biebs though, so I waited until he'd gone to bed before playing it.  Okay, enough talking.  Here's the video:

P.S. I'm seriously considering the merchandise thing (t-shirts, mugs, hoodies, sweatshirts, bags, hats, etc) but I haven't made up my mind yet.
P.P.S. Kat, your story idea is sweet.  And thank you for wanting to honor me in such a way.  I appreciate it.  Jack was a little stunned by it, but I think he'll be okay with it in time.


  1. Aww Jack will be alright when the swelling goes down VeeVee! Okay so the story is going good so far and I won't post any of it until it's right or I'll give it to you for proof reading. Jack can just bite me on the behind area because this story is for you both. Because I know how hard it is to find happiness. Jack and you both found your own small slice of happiness in each other and I know it! Ugh need coffee or sugar something! Okay so there are three sets of pics up for you to see on my blog hehe I think you'll love them but who knows.

  2. This is where my mind is at: this Beiber bit is the only thing that made me go Omg! Eww! Jeepers!

    Glad your wkend is one for the ages. Just goes to show there's something with that living your truth idea. =)

  3. Luci: ROFLMFAO!! I said Beiber is my "dirty" little secret! LOL. Jack is STILL teasing me about this. Every so often I get a text message from him that says something like: "Do u need some TheraFlu 4 ur Beiber fever?" He is SO not funny!! LOL.

    And yes, my weekend was lovely, I really enjoyed myself in a lot of different ways. We were quite the domesticated couple yesterday and I even cooked for him. Living my truth is very, very awesome!!


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