Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Jack Fights For Me

I might just be falling for Jack (gasp, shudder in fear).  This morning I made him breakfast before he went off to work and he was helping me fill out this paperwork that I got from my doctor that I have to fill out for the military  letting them know that I'll be having the gender reassignment surgery and why, blah, blah, blah.  So it got to gender and as I've been struggling with for the last couple of months I had no idea of how to answer it, so we left it blank.  Then under sexuality they have "straight, gay, bisexual, trangender m to f, transgender f to m."  Now, first of all I'm glad that this isn't military documentation because there would be no "sexuality" on there.  So I'm flipping waffles and I hear Jack growl and toss the pen down when we get to that question and I think "Oh shit, he's finally snapped, he finally realizes that he's not fully dating a man yet."

So I turn around kind of slow and I look at him and he's not glaring at me, he's glaring at the paper and then he looks up at me.

Jack: They're so stupid.
Me: Who?
Jack: These fucking doctors.  Don't they know that being transgender is not your sexuality?
Me: Huh?  Yes it is.
Jack: No!  Being transgender is your GENDER.  Your GENDER is wrong, you should have been born Victor, a male, not Veronica, a female.  That's your gender.  Your sexuality is gay.
Me: Oh...yeah.  I guess you're right.
Jack: It's like that's another way to not really identify that transgenders are having a GENDER identity issue, not a SEXUALITY identity issue.  You just told me yesterday that you were a bigender homosexual or transgender homosexual whatever you said.
Me: I said I was a gay bigender (sniffle)
Jack: Exactly.  This is bullshit.
Me: Thank you. (sniffle)
Jack: For what?
Me: For getting so upset on my behalf.
Jack: I'm going to do more than that.  I'm writing these people to tell them that they need to change this fucking shit.

At which point I turned off the waffle maker and sort of hopped into his arms.  We made an even bigger mess in the kitchen on our way back to the bedroom (*naughty grin*), but I couldn't really put into words (I know, me the author) how much it touched me to have someone fight for me.  I can't remember the last time that someone did.  I fight for others, I was a soldier in the US Army, it's something that has been a part of me since birth.  I'm a defender, a protector of others, a warrior.  Oftentimes no one pays attention to the fact that the warrior needs someone willing to fight for them as well.  It's not that we don't need protection it's just that no one really think we do.  So to have Jack realize and point out something that I hadn't even realized and then to have him fight for me or stand up for me in that way?  It made something inside of me clench and release.  I told him he was my hero, he just laughed and said it was what I did for others on a daily basis.

BTW, Jack was late to work today.  LOL.  What can I say, I cannot keep my hands off that man, even after the spanking I had to give him last night.


  1. Oh man, I really start to like Jack :) and he is right the form should be different. You are a gay man, it's just your body doesn't fit that picuture at the moment but it will soon. It's great to know that Jack is on your side and protecting you.
    I'm glad you found him or he found you.... {hugs to you both}

  2. I am glad you found Jack and the form needs to be different honestly. Sometimes I wonder if people will ever just look and see that it's not there. At least Jack is a fighter for you.

  3. Thanks guys. He really is an amazing man. Glad that I have him in my life.

  4. I think you know what I'm going to say, VeeVee *evil grin*

  5. WOW. You two are a perfect match! I'm just sitting here grinning from ear to ear (and NOT because of that stupid form and all the attitudes that go behind it) because here I'm seeing two really lovable and highly passionate people (you and Jack) working as a team. I didn't think anybody could be more passionate that you, Vee/Vic! MAJOR AND SERIOUS HUGZ TO BOTH OF YOU!!

  6. *glares at Kate* Don't you DARE say it! I am not "there" yet...but I may be getting there...I will say that I'm in lo- with him. LOL. And that's it!

    HUGZ back to you Matt! I will definitely have to tell Jack you said that, he's been waiting on your opinion for some time now (*rolls eyes*). And me? *points to self* Passionate? *blush* Well.......*naughty chuckle* Yes, sometimes. It is nice to find someone who matches me in the whole "fighting for others" thing and the fact that he's fighting for me? *tear* And thanks for the compliment Matty!

  7. Ok, you won't say it but I will - Aww, ain't love grand?!

    The world needs more love (or at least seriously intense passion) and I'm glad you and Jack are doing your part. =)

    Hugs to everyone...

  8. @Luci: Gggrrr why is everyone trying to make me say that word?! LOL. Thanks for the well wishes though.

  9. Uh, I've never been a believer of love at first sight or even love after a couple of dates. Lust - hell yeah, intense passion- for sure, being in total like - most definitely but love... So, I'm not trying to make you say it, I'm just picking on you a little =) it's fun.

  10. Oh I know that you all on here are teasing. I think I'm just a little on edge today. *Rolls eyes* I should be okay tomorrow....hopefully.


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