Tuesday, September 27, 2011

I'm BACK!! (Goings on and a Contest)

Hey all!  I'm back.  Feeling better, glad to be back.  *Fist pump in air.  Dancing around and around.  Throws confetti*

My friend is moving out of the county, it's definitely for the best, and I encouraged her to do so.  Jack and I helped her move and it made me feel better to know where she's at and also to know that I helped her in that way.

The guys in question have been released on their own recognizance until the trial.  Bastards, every last one of them.  I had a slight violent moment when I went to go and see them, thank gods for Jack who went with me and didn't let me go too crazy.  Thank gods for Jack who's been with me through this whole thing.  I think I really like this kid, even if he does post really nasty jokes.  LOL.

I had to give my statement on the guys since I know them, then I had to tell the officers about how the same thing had happened to me years ago.  They asked me why I didn't report them and I had to admit to them, with Jack standing there, about how many times I've been violated or assaulted and how my story was never believed because of how I dressed, how I acted and the fact that I was...am...promiscuous and also about how the statute of limitations has passed.  In light of that, it was decided that my testimony could possibly do more harm than good.  *Shrug*  I'm just glad that my friend pressed charges.  Makes me realize how there's still a stigma attached to the whole "promiscuous woman" thing.  Even though the officers looked at me strangely when I told them to refer to me as "Vic" or "VeeVee" instead of "Veronica." They're idiots too.

I met Jack's family, talked with his mother who is a therapist (she specializes in rape counseling), and started writing again.  So I am feeling better.  Jack and I had a semi-serious conversation about our "relationship", about where we're going to be at the beginning of the year.  I won't be here in Florida.  I'm not sure exactly where I want to move to, I'm still looking into a couple of areas, but I won't be here and Jack has no plans on leaving Florida so....*shrug* we'll see where we are at the end of the year.  I have been getting a lot of "signs" that I should move to Boston.  Ellen went to Boston, one of my fave groups on the Sing-Off is from Boston, Jack's father was talking about how he wanted to model when he was younger and he said that he loved living in New Boston, when he meant to say New York....then again, it could just be because I WANT to move to Boston and have wanted to for years.  *Sigh*  It's just so effing expensive!!  *Frustrated Groan*

Anyway, I'm back, hopefully better than ever and heading forward.  I have done a lot of writing and I got an idea for a new book and this is the FIRST book I've ever written where I don't have a title for it.  So I figured  YOU GUYS COULD HELP ME!!

I'm going to post up the blurb and I want you all to give me possible book titles.  Jack and I will pick the top four and then allow you all to vote for the best of the four.  Whoever submitted the winning title will win a free book of mine.  Whichever one they want that's out and published by the time that this book is published.  It is currently #6 on my WIP list, so you'll have the chance to get Unassumed book 3 of The Tate Pack Series, Sacred Duets: Special Song, Passion's Hero: The Alpha King, Damien & Roman: Forever, or Love's Enslavement for free.

So here's the blurb:
      Knox Doyle always knew that he was adopted, it wasn't some big state secret, no one tried to make him believe that he hadn't been, it had always been known.  Even though he knew that he was adopted he had never wanted to find his adopted parents...ever.  That is, not until both of his adopted parents died from hereditary diseases within months of each other and Knox realized that he didn't know if the same thing could happen to him and he has something to live for....two, tiny somethings.  So he takes off on a journey to find his adopted parents and when he finds out who his mother is, he is beyond shocked.
    Liria Nyland is a washed up soap star who is desperately trying to return to the spotlight.  So when the son she gave up for adoption shows up with his Hollywood good looks, fabulous smile, petite stature that makes everyone want to hold him, and she finds out that he's gay (which is the Hollywood mom's greatest accessory and asset), she knows that this is just what she needs to propel her back into the arms of Hollywood's elite.  When Knox asks her about his father, however, she feels Hollywood slipping away, because Knox's father is Quint Salatore, a well-known liberal politician who is married, has four children, one of whom is a lesbian and who is actively pushing for gay marriage to be recognized and accepted nationwide.
     When Knox meets his father he wasn't expecting to meet Gage Matthews, his biological father's head of campaign security, a large, barrel-chested, former Army Ranger who is the only one who doesn't believe that he found his adopted parents only to know more about his medical history and family.  So, while he gets hard every time the other man looks in his direction, he's not so sure that Gage would let him close enough to do anything about it.  And when Knox has to leave abruptly, in the middle of a well-publicized campaign dinner, only to return a week later with two newborn girls that he claims are his daughters, he knows that Gage is really going to investigate him.
     So why is he so excited about the big man spending so much time with him?  In the midst of political scandal, Hollywood gossip, death threats, a pride parade that turns into a crime scene, raising twin newborns, hot, steamy, sticky man sex in the most unlikeliest of places, and a crazed fan working together with an equally demented homophobe, will Gage and Knox ever be able to get past their own issues and actually fall in love?

So, I look forward to hearing your ideas for a title guys!!!  Might as well give you all some work also.  And don't worry, you will get a special "Thank-You" in the book also (you might just be in it! *Gasp*)

Tomorrow I will put up the next installment of D & R: Forever.  These two guys!  Wow!  LOL.

Vic (V. Vee)


  1. First off welcome back Big Sis I missed you and sorry I didn't email you while you were away but I did want want to just had a few snags and jags in busyish times...Okay about the blurb you want a title idea to hmm.....Hard Truth: Adoption & Finding the real....I don't know it was something that popped into my head and OH yeah it's okay that you subjected us to Jack even if that last joke was really EWWWW and DOUBLE EWWW but I did laugh and then he made me smile...ugh oh man I missed you though missed you a lot ~Squeezes and hugs~

  2. Got it written down for the contest. And be glad he didn't put up the other joke. *shudder*

  3. ~Chuckles softly~ Oh I am glad VeeVee because to many more jokes and I'd be hiding behind you pointing and pleading with you to hide me from the nice boyfriend you have. (Just kidding here it's not as bad as some jokes I've read.)

  4. You are back!!!!! {tacklehugs} *happy dance* {hugs again and squeezes tight}
    Oh man, I missed you!!! No more jokes please, pretty please! It' s so great that you are back!
    Oh, and I like your new story - I'll try to find a title :)

  5. LOL Katharina!! *Hugz back* It's great to receive such a great reception. Thanks for liking the story and I look forward to hearing your title idea. And I'll tell Jack no more nasty jokes...unless they are sexually nasty. LOL.

  6. Sexual nasty is fine ;
    Just no more mice in chili *yuck*

  7. LOL. Don't worry I've been told that that's "Guy humor" and that's why I found it so funny and why the girls I know just thought it was ick. Although there was another one where I could even laugh, I just looked at him. *Shudder*

  8. Uh ohs he found one you shudder at YIKES

  9. Welcome back bay-bee. Woot woot. Uh, will think of a title and post lay-tah. Goes off to put on thinking cap...

    Hugs to all

  10. Can't tell you how happy I am that you're feeling better. Been thinking of you xox

  11. Thanks Kate-bug!! {HUGZ AND SQUEEZES} *Smushes you*


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