Saturday, August 13, 2011

Book Review of Andrew Grey's "Dutch Treat"

Dutch TreatDutch Treat by Andrew  Grey
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

This book started rreeaaaallllyyyy slow for me.  I actually stopped a few times and went off and did other stuff before I cam back to it, but by the time Michael had really settled down in the Netherlands, the story had picked up and I couldn't be away from the story.  I even read it while watching the movie "Rio" (I don't know half of what happened in that movie. LOL).  The struggle Michael went through in accepting a relationship with Stephan was for me frustrating, but I'm sure that's how Mr. Grey intended it.  I wanted to reach into the screen of my laptop and choke the snot out of the man.  But once he and Stephan began to explore their relationship and their feelings, I felt a lot better.

The secondary "hassle" of Michael's supervisor, Curtis, Stephan's past relationship troubles with Heinrich, Michael's ex Devon and Michael's interfering, cynical friends Roger and Jake, made the story well-rounded and interesting.  It wasn't just some sappy love story, it was interesting and believable.

I only gave it three stars because of the frustration that Michael caused me and the fact that it took the book so long to really find its feet.  All in all though, I really enjoyed it.  Probably not enough to read it again, but definitely enough to recommend.

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