Wednesday, August 10, 2011

New Story: Unthinkable

*Here's the new story that I spoke of earlier, I'm thinking clearly enough to post Part One.  Enjoy!*

   The first thing that Richard noticed were his hands.  They were large, manicured, tanned hands.  All sorts of naughty ideas went rushing through his mind as he saw those hands coming towards him, he could almost imagine those hands caressing him, holding him down, those long, wide fingers filling him before....
   He screamed when he was abruptly jarred out of his fantasy by those same hands grabbing him and pulling him out of the way of the truck barreling down the road.  He felt himself flying through the air, towards some unknown destination.  Okay, so maybe he wasn't flying but it felt like it, especially when he landed on something hard and then rolled onto something soft, with something large and hard on top of him.
   "I'm dead.  I just know it.  I'm dead," he heard his own breathless voice.
   "You're not dead, I just knocked the wind outta 'ya," he heard a deep Southern voice say above him.
    Hearing the tinge of amusement in the voice of his savior, he peeked open first one blue eye and then another, before his breath completely escaped him.  He was staring into the most amazingly beautiful, clear green eyes.  Black hair fell forward onto the forehead of the larger man, his thin lips pulled back into a smile, his thin nose flared slightly as if he were smelling something delicious.  Richard felt like wrapping his arms and his legs around the larger man, who appeared to be almost three times as large as his own 5'4" 119lbs frame. He may be very open about his sexuality, but a slut he was not...although, if the stranger asked him to get naked and dance around Times Square, he'd do it in a heartbeat.  He waited for the other man to rise off of him, especially with the gathering crowd asking if they were okay, and the not-so-subtle erection he had pressing against the front of his too tight, low-rise jeans.  He gasped as he felt a rumble in the larger man's chest and had to give himself a mental shake when he thought he heard the other man breathe the word "Mine".
    "You ever plan on getting off of me there cowboy?  You know so I can breathe?" he asked flirtatiously, a little shocked at his own audacity, but feeling a little saucy while underneath the muscled stranger, even though he might just get his ass kicked for coming onto the obviously straight man.
   "I hadn't planned on it, but I guess if you gotta breathe to live," the larger man rose off of him, stretching out a hand to help him up.  Richard rose gracefully with the man's help, two decades of dance training making themselves known.  He smiled and nodded at the crowd of people that asked him if he were alright, his gaze continuously returning to his hero, who stood silently beside him, almost in front of him, as if protecting him from being touched by anyone else.
   When the last person finally left and walked away, having gone out of their way to check on him and now returning to the hustle and bustle of New York life, Richard turned towards the other man, his eyes drifting up and up and up.  He felt his face flush and swallowed deeply.
   "Thank you for saving my life," he said shyly.
   The other man merely nodded, his gaze intense upon Richard's face.  When a long minute passed without a word being spoken, Richard reached down and grabbed his bag, that had amazingly been saved in all of the chaos.
   "You Richard Tillson?" the other man asked as he pulled a picture out of his pocket along with an envelope.  Richard froze and turned to face the other man.  How did this man know his name?  He nodded unable to speak.
   "I was comin' to yer place when I saw ya' leave.  Just kinda followed you, planned on talkin' to ya, or atleast introducing myself when I saw you crossing the street with the car comin' right at 'cha," the other man explained, obviously seeing the fear in Richard's face.  "My name is Vernon Tate, you knew my baby sister, Amanda Lynn?"
   Richard felt the fear lift off of him at the mention of his best friend, whom he called AL, for her initials, from college and graduate school.  He smiled at the other man.  So this was AL's older brother?  He was hot!  He stood at about 6'7", he was all muscle on top of muscle, his neck thick like a linebacker, his skin tanned by the sun, he could remember AL telling him about the family farm down in Texas.
   "Yeah!  You're Vet?" Richard asked excitedly, his naturally bubbly personality shining through as he thought about his best friend.  He sobered instantly, AL and her husband had passed a few weeks back in some kind of weird hunting accident.  Some other hunters shooting them when they mistook them for wolves.  Richard had been on tour in Paris and by the time the news had reached him, the funeral had already taken place.  "I'm so sorry for your loss," he said compassionately.  Vernon, or Vet as AL called him, merely nodded, blinking away the moisture in his eyes.
   " why were you looking for me?" he asked as he led Vet over to the benches in the park.  He sat down gently, feeling a little sore after his tumble with the other man a few minutes earlier, he crossed one leg over the other and smiled when Vet practically flopped onto the bench, his legs spread wide.
   "I don't really know how to say this, but, see Mandy, she and her husband, well they thought quite a bit of you, they felt real bad that you had to miss the wedding but still stayed in contact and she just gave birth to triplets, you know a few months before the...uh...accident and the lawyer said she left instructions for the care of the triplets," Vet paused here, his eyes locking onto Richard's as if imploring him to understand.  Richard wasn't stupid by any stretch of the imagination.  Contrary to what his father and brothers thought, he had an above average IQ that wasn't diminished or negated because he was gay or because he danced for a living.  Even with that it took him a while to really grasp what Vet was saying, but when he did he gasped.
   "You HAVE to be joking!  AL and Cameron left their triplets to me?  Why would they do that?  I'm single, unmarried, GAY, and I have a very successful career as a dancer!  I mean, well, a somewhat successful career.  I'm not working right now, but still!!  They lived in Texas and AL said you both came from a very traditional, if slightly unusual family.  How are they going to feel about AL leaving her babies to me?  And how am I supposed to support them?  I'm all by myself?  What was AL thinking?  I can't-" Richard's words were cut off abruptly when Vet leaned forward and took his lips in a hard and passionate kiss that fried his brain.  After a few minutes, when air was essential, the two men separated.
    "They left the triplets to you because they trusted you.  Both sets of parents are dead.  They left money, a house, cars, a college trust fund for all three babies, everything you could possibly need, they left it for you.  They trusted you.  Besides you really only have partial custody," Vet smirked at the look of trepidation that crossed Richard's face.
     "Who am I sharing custody with?" he asked, although he suspected he knew the answer.
    "Well, that's why I'm here.  You're sharing custody with me and I came here to fetch you and bring you back to Texas to help me raise...well...our children."

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