Friday, August 19, 2011

Book Review of Mary Calmes's "After the Sunset"

In the book "Timing" I fell in love with the passionate dynamic of Stefan Joss and Rand Holloway.  In this book, "After the Sunset," that passionate dynamic, their love for each other, and the lengths that they both will go to to see the other happy, settled, and thriving settled deep into my soul, buried itself and set up shop.

When this book first began I was a little nervous that Stef would still be trying to give himself a way out, an escape plan, just in case things went south with Rand, but the time frame that Mrs. Calmes has set this book in has Stef fully settled and ready to FINALLY make his forever with his gorgeous dark haired blue eyed cowboy.

There were so many elements of this book that I liked, the action that took place at the Rodeo, the secrets that were revealed, the steps that Rand had already taken to ensure that Stef would always be taken cared of, the unexpected allies that Stef and Rand find that they have, the laughter, and of course the passionate, sexual exchanges between Rand and Stef with a heavy dose of love twisted in between.

As for my beloved nickname of "The Epilogue Whore" well...I must confess no matter how Mrs. Calmes ends her books, I am never satisfied...EVER.  The stories are just THAT good, the characters are just that sexy and loveable and endearing and most of all, Mrs. Calmes weaves a story so amazing that it stays with you longer after it's over.

So no, I'm not satisfied with the ending, and yes I will be looking and searching and asking Mrs. Calmes for more of Stef and Rand because I want to see them with babies and kids and I want to look a few years into their future and see how their HEA is working out.  Even then I probably still won't be satisfied.

I recommend this book to....well, everyone.  Lovers of cowboys, lovers of men, lovers of sexy men, lovers of family, lovers of hot sex between hot men, lovers of action and secret and fights, and most of all lovers of love.


  1. Hi, I stumbled on your blog and find myself intrigued of your history, present and future. I don't like facebook, it's too easy and available, blogs on the other hand is supposed to be personal. I don't know if you get what I mean but I know that some of the stuff you write about makes think and really reflect on.

    I have to agree with you that even though I have already read two books about Stef and Rand, I want more
    I also want know if Glenn is gay, how his plans turns and finds love.
    So many questions left in After the sunset.

  2. Thanks for your comment Chris. I'm just as anxious for more of Rand and Stef.

    I'm a little confused about your statement about facebook, but I do agree that blogs are more personal and I'm glad that my writing makes you think.

    Thanks for stopping by. I hope to see more comments from you.

  3. Well I can see your confusion when I read my comment again...sorry! It's just that I somehow think of facebook like a blog but it isn't, right. So never mind that, we think about more important life and love.

    So have a nice time in New Orleans and take care.

  4. LOL. Gotcha. I thought for a minute I just wasn't reading it correctly. Thanks for commenting again and thanks for wishing me well in New Orleans, I'm really excited about it.


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