Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Inconceivable Delayed

*UPDATE: My brother, who is serving in the Navy over in Japan, has been put on suicide watch.  It eases my mind somewhat, I was finally able to eat for the first time since this all began.  I took it upon myself to talk with his CO about everything that's going on and they are going to look into all of it.  My brother needs to be able to see his son and he needs to have people around him who truly care about him and not his money.  Anyway, that's what's going on.  I'm going to go and have a good cry and then I'll be able to focus and write "Inconceivable", I want to write about gay wolf shapeshifters now. LOL.*

I know I promised to put up the first part of "Inconceivable" the story of Anton "Ton" and Tommy from the Tate Pack, but my baby brother, Stephen (biological brother-not just the brother of my heart) has my family really concerned with some posts that he's putting up on Facebook, regarding suicide and stuff.  I just found out that the girl he was supposed to marry, they broke up (over money or something) and she took his son and now she won't let him see my nephew.

It's a whole complicated, sordid thing and like I said yesterday I am a possessive, protective, selfish bitch and now this bitch is messing with not only my nephew getting to have his father in his life, but she's messing with me having my brother in mine.  So I'm scared and BEYOND pissed off.  I can't even THINK of writing Inconceivable until this is all sorted out.  My brother is in the Navy so I told my parents to call his command post and have someone go by his place.

My whole family is texting, calling, emailing and posting up a storm on his facebook page, unfortunately, nothing seems to be working.  I can't read, eat or even watch tv until I know that my baby brother is okay.

Anyway, I was just letting you all know, I'm not sure when it will be up, I'm hoping all is resolved by this afternoon and that my brother is alive and getting support, encouragement and help and that that "woman" has become compassionate or whatever and that my brother gets to see his son, but I won't be posting anything remotely creative until then.


  1. I really REALLY hope he's going to be OK. {hugs you}

  2. Thank you. He's a little pissed at me because I'm the reason he's on S.W. but I told him I wasn't giving him up without a fight. I've had too many people die in my life. He just sighed on the phone. He's all the way in Japan and I can't run to his rescue like when he lived in Georgia. But my mom's going over and I've alerted his CO about the situation with his baby mama and son. Hopefully it works out. I'll fight tooth and nail for my baby brother.

    Thank you though. {Hugz back}


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