Monday, August 15, 2011

If I F-to-M Transition, Will I Grow a Prostate?

Yeah, I seriously asked my doctor that question today.


It's not that I thought I could SERIOUSLY grow one...I mean, I'm not a COMPLETE airhead, but she was going on and on and ON about the wonders of modern medicine and technology and about how they could take some of my eggs and harvest them and then when I'm ready I can either have them implanted in me or in a surrogate (this conversation came about because of the fact that when you're disabled in the line of duty they always want to see if your reproductive system has been "compromised," and while I can still GET pregnant, the fact that I'm in a wheelchair, apparently isn't conducive to having men line up at the proverbial door-the military feels responsible-hmmm....I wonder why?).

"You have to understand the strides that we are making everyday to improve the quality of people's lives.  I mean, it's quite remarkable."-My doctor.

"Really?  So...let's say I decide that I want to be a man..."-Me

"Do you feel like you're a man?  That you should have been born as a man?  Because we have people on staff you can talk to and if that's something you feel you need done, we can check into options.  The only thing is that you wouldn't be able to impregnate your partner."-My doctor.

"Oh that's no problem.  If I was a man I'd be gay anyway.  Which is what I wanted to talk to you about.  Since you all are making such strides in the medical field.  If I decide to do the whole female to male transition thing, will I grow a prostate?  Because I hear those things are great to have.  Especially you know, because I'll be gay and all."-Me

Apparently, she didn't like my questions, she told me no it wasn't possible and then she suddenly had to go.  How rude!  LOL.

I'm sorry I love to ask questions that flabbergast people.  When I was fourteen, I asked my parents, our pastors, our deacons and my Sunday school teacher about hermaphrodites.  (The parents choose the gender, but they choose what they want, what if that's not the gender that child identifies with?  Shouldn't it be up to the child?  And doesn't that apply to everything?  Even who they have sex with?)  LOL.  They tried to throw scripture at the last part, but they couldn't at the first part which tore down their whole argument.  I believe that pastor is still studying trying to find a response.  That was thirteen years ago.

I don't try to be a pest....okay, sometimes I do, my whole goal is just to make people think before they open their mouths, especially when they're attempting to condemn someone.  My doctor?  Well, I just like to piss that bitch off, it's fun.  Plus, her son, Jonathan, is one of the kids in the Gay Teens Support Groups that I talk to (you know about how there are straight people out there who support them and that there are alternatives and people to go to when they're being bullied, etc), his mother is EXTREMELY homophobic (blame it on her serving in the US military for YEARS and coming from an extremely Conservative household) and I think she's against "race mixing."  So she rubs my craw wrong all the way around.  I have to continue to annoy her, my plan is for her to be so angry at me that when her son Jon comes out in two years to her when he turns 18, she'll blame me and be angry at me and not him.

It's my plan anyway, and if I get to poke the bear and have fun a little bit along the way?  Well, that's just a bonus.


  1. LOL! You're crazy :) But you never know, maybe they'll be able to transplant prostates someday. Get on the waiting list or something LOL

  2. LOL! I'd have to find a guy who was transitioning to a woman. Maybe he could give me his prostate and I could give him my uterus? Or hey! My G spot! Maybe he could find someone who could find the damn thing. LOL!!

    Sorry, I think I'm going crazy typing up my book from these handwritten pages, probably why I was such a pest to my doctor.

  3. Aww VeeVee your not a pest! Doctors can be so unreal sometimes and RUDE! My Big Brother became a doctor this year and yes he is GAY or well Gayish snice he is my ex lol. But I mean this most times if the doctor understands you they won't be rude or make an excuse to leave. My Big Brother wouldn't he's a sweet heart and so is his husband (My other big brother!! Woot Woot Gotta love my family hehe)

  4. Lucy/Kat your family does sound interesting! LOL. They gave me a new doctor, she's an Indian woman and she seems a lot more open-minded and stuff. She's the one who referred me to the therapist that specializes in gender reassignment. She's also the one who said that she's going to do everything that she can to get me the most money I can get from the VA.

    Your "Big Brother" sounds like an awesome doctor! It's too bad he doesn't live closer to me.

  5. Yes it is to bad! He's a real sweetheart and the adopted family is a part of my life.


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