Friday, August 5, 2011

My Slight Obsession With Gay Romance and Gay Relationships

So yeah, I'm obsessed.  I sit around all day either writing gay romance or reading it.  I have gay friends around the world, follow them on Twitter, on Tumblr, here on Blogger...

My family knows about my gay friends and even though they're like staunch, Conservative, Right Wing, Christian Republicans (yes, black people can be Republicans too), they don't spend their days condemning or judging gays.  They've never held those abominable signs that make people look ignorant and at most they tell my friends, one time and one time only that they don't "agree" with their "lifestyle" but that it's between them and God and they have no right to judge.

Yeah, my family's kinda awesome.

To everyone but me.

I have no idea how they can be so understanding to others, but when it comes to me actually WRITING gay romance, I become the effen "Whore of Babylon" and in need of like an exorcist or something.  I shrug it off, I mean, I'm laid up in bed, confined to a wheelchair when I do decide to get up, unable to dance and work like I used to, so what am I supposed to do?  I read the stuff all the time and of course I have an overactive imagination and I'm curious by nature and EXTREMELY sexual (hello!  I'm a Scorpio!!) so when I read these books I get ideas for other books as well.  I'm always thinking outside of the box (it's gotten me in trouble once or twice, which is why every time I've had anal sex I've also turned around and had my "turn" at the guy.  I think I'm turning a lot of them gay because I always tell them "Yeah, a guy could do this so much better than me".) and that makes for some really awesome writing.

My problem?  Even though my family is understanding and accepting of my friendships with "gays" they aren't so understanding and accepting of my reading and writing gay romance.  Why?  "It's a spirit and you're contributing to it."  Really?  Didn't realize that my reading a book or writing a book was contributing to the gay "spirit," you know especially since I'm a woman and not actually gay myself.

I don't know.  I figure I'll just keep making gay friends, keep reading and writing and let the chips fall where they may.  I mean, they already see me as a disappointment (I became an ordained pastor and tried to return my ordination papers, when they wouldn't accept it, I started performing gay ceremonies-oops, guess I was contributing there also, huh?), the bad seed, the one who's just "different."  Not that I think that that's a bad thing.  I revel in my differenciality.....yeah, that's a new word.....celebrate with me or move out of the way.


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