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Unthinkable: Part Eight-NSFW

Part Eight:

     Later on that night Vet lay in bed waiting for his mate to return from putting the triplets to sleep.  He was exhausted.  He couldn't remember the last time he'd been as tired as he was right then.  He yawned and settled more comfortably into the pillows behind his head.  He was trying to stay up for Richard.  After the fight with Bobby Ray he'd showered, been bandaged up, had lunch and gotten right back to work, making sure that he put some of his gammas on guard should the rogue wolf decide to return.  He hadn't seen his mate again until dinner and by then the house was full of pack members and their families.  It wasn't a usual occurrence, but everyone had wanted to meet the alpha's mate and Vet had wanted to show his little man off.  He hadn't minded the looks of lustful appreciation the women and some of the men threw his mate's way, he knew his pack or rather they knew him, no one would dare make a move unless they wanted to deal with him.  Besides, he knew his man was gorgeous.
     Closing his eyes he thought about Richard's tight little body, his delicious ass and those lips...he moaned as he felt his groin tighten.  He felt like it had been forever since he'd last fucked his mate's ass, although he knew that it hadn't been.  Dropping his hand to his erection he grabbed it in his right hand, squeezing gently seconds before he yawned widely.
     "Oh now, I don't think I've ever seen anything like that," he heard come from the doorway.  Opening his eyes he looked over at Richard where he stood leaning into the doorway, his chest bare, wearing only his green pinstriped boxers.  He grinned and lifted his lips a little.
     "Yeah, it is pretty impressive isn't it?" he said with a smile.
     "Oh, I wasn't talking about that.  I was talking about the way you were jacking off with one hand and yawning with the other.  That was pretty darn impressive," Richard said with a chuckle as he walked around to the other side of the bed and climbed in.  Vet turned to look at the smaller man with a tired smile.
     "I want to make love to you," he said.  Richard smiled and nodded, pulling off his boxers and getting underneath the covers, he rolled over to put his head on Vet's chest, his fingers playing with the smattering of dark curls that decorated that firmly muscled surface.
     "I want you to make love to me too," Richard agreed with a nod.  Vet groaned, could he work up the energy it would take?  Could he even make the effort?  His cock was hard and ready to go, it was just that the rest of his body felt like a used dishrag.
     "I want to, but I'm just too tired," Vet admitted and heard Richard chuckle.
     "Oh thank god because I was totally going to fake enthusiasm," Richard said with a laugh.  Both men laughed then, glad to know that while their bodies wanted each other, their minds just weren't up to the task and that was okay with both of them.
     "You know, it has to be about more than sex for us or it will never work," Richard pointed out just as he'd began to doze off.
     "Wha-huh?" he asked, trying to wake himself back up.
     "Us.  I mean I understand about the whole wolf mating thing, but mating doesn't guarantee blissful happiness, no problems ever, and a happily ever after.  Regardless of what those stupid romance novels say," Richard pointed out.
     "Right..." Vet agreed, wondering how it was that the smaller man could still be awake at, he looked at the clock, midnight?  It was midnight?  He was only going to get five hours of sleep and his mate was up talking about romance novels?  Why?  Why wasn't he asleep?  Vet looked at Richard, the smaller man was sitting up now, his mouth moving and words were obviously coming out but Vet was too tired to even make sense of them and he really needed to get to sleep.  He knew of only one way to achieve that.
     Pulling back the covers, he pushed Richard back onto the bed and gave him a deep and passionate kiss, "No more talking, we'll talk later," he admonished him before letting his tongue trail down the younger man's toned chest and abs to his hard and leaking cock.  Licking at the slightly salty and tangy taste that leaked from the tip of the smaller man's cock he groaned at the taste of his mate exploding on his tongue.  The smaller man had stopped talking so much, but he was still making noise and he was still awake and that wouldn't help with him trying to get to sleep himself, so he opened his mouth and sucked down Richard's erection, his cheeks hollowing as he sucked up, his tongue swirling around the base of the younger man's cock.  His saliva dribbled from his mouth, down Richard's shaft, over his balls, down the crease and the cheeks of his ass until there was a very noticeable wet spot below him, but still Vet did not let up.  Tracing his tongue along the vein in the firm shaft, he took one finger and pressed it deep within the other man's clenching channel.  He hummed in appreciation when his mate began to pump his hips, as if confused about whether to push up into his mouth or down onto his finger, so Vet allowed him to do both.  Lifting his mouth away from the saliva coated erection, Vet leaned down further to his mate's balls and sucked first one and then the other into his mouth.  He ran his tongue between the two sacks to the younger man's perineum.  Licking the area for a moment, one hand still stroking Richard's dick, three fingers of the other hand now thrust inside of the young man's entrance.
     Feeling Richard's legs tense, Vet lifted his head and stared deeply into Richard's eyes.  "Give me all of it baby, every drop," he demanded before lowering his mouth back over the young man's erection.  At that moment his fingers pressed onto Richard's prostate and with a loud shout of Vet's name and a chorus of "YES!" "YES!" "Yes!" "Yes!" "Yes." "yessssss," all growing softer as he continued to speak, Richard shot his seed into his lover's mouth.  With a happy moan Vet swallowed, pulling away slightly so that he could get the full taste of the younger man on his tongue, his fingers still thrusting within him.  When Richard's erection finally softened and slid from his mouth, Vet slowly slid his fingers from the other man's ass, his mouth, chin and chest wet with saliva and traces of semen that had escaped as he swallowed.  He looked at his man and saw that he was asleep, looking over at the clock he saw that it was only fifteen minutes past midnight.  With a sigh he climbed from the bed and walked into the bathroom.  Grabbing a washcloth and a dry towel, he quickly wet the washcloth, rubbed soap into it and walked back to the bedroom.  Gently using the washcloth on the smaller man's chest, now flaccid cock, balls and ass, Vet cleaned his mate before drying him thoroughly.  Returning to the bathroom, he set about cleaning himself off, wiping down his face, neck, chest and hands with the washcloth, he quickly brushed his teeth, gargled with Listerine and dried off with the towel.  Placing both items in the dirty clothes hamper, he grabbed another dry towel and turning off the lights in the bathroom, he returned to bed.
     Climbing back in bed alongside his now peacefully sleeping mate, he pulled the man into his arms and placed the dry towel over the wet spot that was underneath his ass.  Settling back against the pillows again, he sighed as he closed his eyes to sleep, his own cock painfully erect and sadly neglected.  Looking down at his mate, with his sweet smile on his sleeping face, he didn't regret the last twenty minutes at all.  He ignored his cock which called him a liar as it leaked more pre-cum onto his stomach.
     "Oh shut-up," he said before falling asleep.

*I know this one is shorter than the others, but my parents got me a car, something that's not too low to the ground that it hurts my back, but not too high so that it hurts my hip.  I'm already planning my first road trip: Boston in November!!! Woo!!  As for tomorrow's installment, not sure if I'll get it up, I have the dreaded appointment at the VA hospital in Tampa.  I have to be there at 9 in the morning, which means it's an all day thing.  If I don't get one up tomorrow, I'll give you an extra long one the day after.  Happy Wednesday folks!!*

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