Saturday, August 27, 2011

Inconceivable: Part Four

Part Four:

     Ton looked down at his sleeping mate before looking over at his sister Luci.  The two of them shared a smile before he placed the smaller man back down on the bed and covered him with a sheet.  He sighed as he brushed back the hair on his mate's forehead.
     "You love him already don't you?" he heard Luci's voice as she stood and began to walk towards the suite's kitchen.  He snorted at the thought.  Tommy was his mate yes, and he was wildly attracted to him, they were even able to speak with ease and they had a lot in common but he wasn't in love with the man.  He didn't even believe that he was capable of the emotion.  He was too possessive, to aggressive and too domineering to ever be able to love someone as sweet and as beautiful as Tommy.
     "I don't even know what that word means," he replied back to Luci, before rising from the bed and joining her in the kitchen area.
     "You love me don't you?  I mean you raised me after Mom and Dad died and you were 18 and I was only 10.  You did a pretty decent job too.  And you didn't have to raise me," she reminded him and Ton felt his chest tighten and his throat close up with emotion.  He'd barely been an adult himself when his parents had died in that car accident.  Wolf shifters weren't immortal, they lived longer and it was harder to kill them, but they weren't immortal by any stretch of the imagination.  Ton had been preparing to take off and work on a ranch in Montana while trying to be a bull rider.  His parents hadn't wanted him to go and they'd had a terrible argument, he'd stormed out of the house and took off on his motorcycle.  He hadn't gone home that night, choosing instead to sleep over at Alex's house.  Although he and Alex hadn't really slept.  Both of them had been enjoying their new-found sexuality and they'd spent the entire night have hot sex, so they were both passed out asleep when the phone call came in the next moment about Ton's parents.  He'd been so disoriented that it had taken him a while to understand that his parents were both dead, killed on impact because neither of them had been wearing their seat belts, and his baby sister was now an orphan and would be moved to one of the other families in the pack if he didn't step up to take care of her.  He knew he didn't have a choice.  His guilt over his last words to his parents still haunted him today.
     "I had to take care of you, no one else could put up with your annoying personality," he teased Luci, bumping her lightly with his hip.
     "Shut up Metric Ton," she teased back, using her nickname for him from when they were kids.
     He growled playfully, "Don't let Tommy hear you use that name!" he admonished her with a grin.  The siblings laughed and then went about preparing a meal.  Ton had gone out to buy groceries earlier, while Luci watched over Tommy.  Leaving his injured mate behind was the hardest thing he'd ever done.
     "You know your mate and I are going to be best friends right?" Luci stated cheekily as she dumped chunks of tomatoes on top of the salad.  Ton snorted as he removed the grilled chicken breast from the George Foreman grill.
     "I have no doubt about it, it's just the way fate works," he grunted.  They finished lunch and carried the plates over to the small dining table.  Ton turned to wake up Tommy only to find the smaller man awake and sitting up in bed.
     "Hey baby, how are you feeling?" he asked as he walked over to help the other man out of the bed.
     "Sore.  In pain.  Hungry and like I have to take the world's biggest piss ever," Tommy grumbled before giving Ton a small smile.
     "You know if you had already mated and marked him, he'd be healed by now," Luci stated as she filled their glasses with iced tea.  Ton groaned internally when Tommy froze in place and looked up at him.
     "I could be healed already?" he whispered and Ton nodded.  He watched as Tommy's face turned red and knew without even scenting the air that his mate was angry.
     "Are you getting off on me being in pain or something?  Is this some sort of wolf, predator, mate thing?  You LIKE seeing me in pain and barely able to walk or move on my own?  Is that why you didn't do something to FUCKING HEAL ME ALREADY?!" Tommy yelled, poking the bigger man in the chest.
     "You don't understand Tommy," Ton sighed, struggling to contain his wolf which was howling at the aggression being displayed by his mate and wanting desperately to make the smaller man submit to him.
     "So fucking explain it to me," Tommy panted out as he leaned against the wall, his strength rapidly deteriorating.
     "In order for me to mate and mark you, we would have to be having sex and I am not going to have sex with you when you can barely walk, barely move, barely breathe! I have too much respect for you to do that. You are my mate and I will take care of you, protect you, even if it means that I have to protect you from myself and not claim you or mark you until you feel a little better," Ton gritted out between clenched teeth.
     Tommy huffed and Ton stepped closer to the smaller man and lowered his voice so that his sister couldn't hear, "Nothing would make me happier than to claim you beautiful, nothing.  Not just because you would get better and heal quicker but because I want to mark you as mine for all the world to see, but I will not give into my wolf, I will not be an animal and make love to you when you'd be in too much pain to appreciate it.  When you start feel better, however," Ton lifted his hand to Tommy's chin and lifted the other man's face until his eyes met Ton's passionate gaze, "nothing in this world will stop me from claiming you and marking you as mine."
     Ton was surprised but pleased with the scent of his mate's arousal wafted up to his nostrils, he closed his eyes as he inhaled deeply.  "Fuck but you smell good," he groaned before giving himself a mental shake.  He looked back down at his mate who now had a small smirk on his face.  "Let's get you to the bathroom and then have us some dinner.  I believe my sister wants to become best friends with you and Luci always gets what she wants," he grinned before scooping the smaller man into his arms and heading towards the bathroom without another word.

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