Sunday, August 28, 2011

True Family

I have learned so much about family and friends in the first few days of all of this and I haven't even gotten started with everything yet.

I learned that family, a true family is not necessarily the one you are born into but they are the people who love you, support you, and accept you unconditionally. A family is one that you love by choice not by blood. So many people have stepped up and decided to be in my corner and the knowledge that I will lose my biological family has been tempered by the realization that I have other people to fill the role of family for me. It is humbling and amazing and incredible.

I feel so unworthy.

I have my first therapy session on the 19th of Sept. The whole process is apparently going to be 6 months. I have been given websites, groups, programs to all just makes me smile because I am taking control of my life for once, not trying to please anyone but myself. "Living my truth." I want a shirt that says that.

So a family is one you choose. And with the brothers, sisters, mothers, fathers, and grandparents of my heart those that have stepped up and supported me...I think I have chosen very well.
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  1. I can't tell you how pleased I am for you that this has proved to be the case. You know I've got the pom-poms ;-)

  2. Yes ma'am. Thank you so much for everything.

  3. Just like Kate said (again). I am truly happy for you that you found your chosen family and have someone to catch you, hold you and support you whenever you need it. And you know, whatever will happen, whatever you decide to do - I will always be in your corner. {hugs} and you are not unworthy - you deserve only the best. :)


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