Thursday, August 25, 2011

Inconceivable: Part Two

Part Two:

It is sometimes the biggest accomplishment in the world to just be you.-Kate Blackwell

     Ton turned to look at his mate as the smaller man flittered around the room packing everything that he owned up into expensive looking suitcases, trunks, and overpriced bags.  Tommy seemed to have more stuff than Richard did.  He was glad that he'd decided to rent a U-Haul to drive back to Texas rather than taking a plane.  They would be paying so much more that way.  He sighed when Tommy stopped in the middle of the room and gasped.  He knew what that gasp meant, he'd heard it enough in the last three hours.  It meant that Tommy had remembered something else that he wanted to take with him.  He could only hope that it was something that he already had so that they could leave it behind.
     "What about my dishes?  My pots, pans, my blender, mixers, food processors....I love to cook Ant...I can't leave them behind!" Tommy whined slightly and Ton cringed even while a warmth bloomed within him at Tommy's nickname for him.  He nodded and then chuckled as Tommy hugged him excitedly before he raced towards the kitchen to pack it up.  His mate was beyond adorable, full of energy and life.  Always bubbly and was slightly exhausting.  He exhaled and shook his head.  He was fated to be married to the petite ball of energy.  That wasn't a fluke, so it was obviously for a reason.  Maybe he needed to be more bouncy?  More excitable?  He shook his head as he carried the last four suitcases into the living room and placed them on the floor.  Who was he kidding?  He was who he was, that wasn't going to change just because his mate was a little ball of energy.
     Ton turned and walked into his mate's kitchen and stopped.  When he'd come in the night before he'd followed his mate's scent back to the bedroom and waited.  He hadn't paid any attention to any other rooms. He was glad he hadn't.  Tommy's kitchen looked like a gourmet kitchen.  Ton looked around the large space in awe.  His man hadn't been kidding when he'd said he loved to cook.  He thought about his kitchen and cringed.  He'd moved into the foreman's house out behind the alpha house.  When Vet had lived there the house was clean, well...according to his standards.  Now, it looked like a big mess.  Like a tornado had blown through and left mass destruction in its wake.  Tommy's place was extremely clean.  He wondered if he was going to pester him like Richard pestered Vet.
     "My kitchen don't look like this," he admitted and saw Tommy turn to look at him and smile.
     "That's okay.  Is it this big or smaller?" the smaller man asked as he opened his refrigerator and began to clean it out.
     "It's a little smaller.  Alpha Vernon didn't really have cause to use it.  His sister Mandy used to cook up at the alpha house all the time.  Now he's living in the alpha house and Richard cooks for him there," he stated as he walked over to help.
     Tommy snorted and Ton looked over at him.  "What?" he asked with a smile on his face.
     "Richard is a better baker than a cook, but even that is very novice.  He doesn't cook, he follows directions.  A real cook, a chef, when they are making a meal, they are creating an experience.  They are creating art and a masterpiece.  I love Richard, he is one of my best friends, but he is a much better dancer than a cook," Tommy shrugged and grinned sheepishly.  "I've told him this before so no need to worry that I'm being disrespectful."
     Ton nodded and grinned.  His mate was a little spitfire when it came to cooking and he knew he was passionate in the bedroom.  He wondered where else the smaller man would prove to be passionate.

     Four hours later the two men were finally on the road heading towards Texas.  Tommy's furniture was much nicer than what Ton had in his small three bedroom foreman's house back on the ranch so they'd decided to pack and bring most of it.  Ton still couldn't believe how much stuff his mate had.  He tried to figure out how they were going to fit it all in their small home when he realized that Tommy was bouncing in his seat.  They'd been driving steadily for about eight hours, his wolf genes making him able to drive a lot longer without getting tired, and he hadn't stopped once.  They had snacks, drinks, and Tommy had made a few small meals for them before they'd left.  So they'd been able to eat, drink and best of all get to know each other a lot better.  While he knew that he could go another two hours without having to stop and use the bathroom, his very human mate wouldn't be able to do that.  Especially since he'd watched as the smaller man had done some really intricate movements in order for his cock to not show from the front or the back.  He'd winced and whined and grabbed his own large cock in consolation, but Tommy had just grinned at him.
    "I don't do it all the time.  The tucking thing.  Just when I'm wearing tight pants or a short dress," the smaller man had explained before pulling on a plaid skirt that fell mid thigh and pulled down his white spaghetti strap shirt over the bra he wore with the inserts placed inside.  His hair had been curled in tight black ringlets below his shoulders and he'd lined his eyes, put on mascara and put on the shiniest red lipstick he'd ever seen.  He'd nodded but he'd walked funny for a while afterwards.
     Now he looked over at his mate in sympathy, "Do you need to stop and use the restroom?" he asked.  Tommy bit his lip and nodded.  He grinned and pulled off at the next exit towards the rest area.  Pulling into a parking space.  He chuckled when Tommy opened the door and hurried towards the male restrooms before the truck had come to a complete stop.  Turning off the UHAUL, he opened the door and stepped down.  Whistling, he locked both doors and walked towards the vending machines, as he got closer he heard the sounds of grunting and flesh hitting flesh.  He smirked.  It sounded as if there was a couple out there who was making good use of the relatively vacant rest area.  He couldn't wait to ask Tommy if he'd noticed who the couple was.  No sooner had that thought occurred than the strong, pungent, coppery smell of blood wafted up to his nostrils...his mate's blood.  That wasn't the sound of sex he'd heard, that was the sound of someone attacking his mate.  Without a thought for keeping his identity hidden to humans, he ripped his clothes from his body and allowed the shift to come over him, calling forth his wolf.
     His wolf was massively huge and black, he was bigger than the alpha, although the alpha was stronger in his wolf form than he was, which was as it should be.  Without another thought, he shook to be sure all of him had shifted completely and with a loud, menacing growl he raced towards the men's restrooms and his mate.  What he saw when he entered stopped his blood cold and then filled his veins with rage.  His mate was curled on the floor, his clothes ripped, his face badly beaten, his makeup smeared, his cock hanging limply, his torso covered in bruises, his ripped skirt in the corner, the cute red heels were being held in his attackers's hands as they raised them to continue with his beating.
     Ton growled low in his throat.  His mate was hurt, he could hear his heartbeat, which meant that he was alive, which is the only reason he wouldn't be killing these assholes, but they were going to wish he had.  He grinned ferociously when all three men screamed.  They were all the spitting image of snobby, preppy rich kid.  All of them wearing their khaki pants, loafers, button down shirts, and even their sweaters were tied around their necks.  Ton didn't care about that, or the fact that their hair was still so immaculately groomed.  He wanted their blood and he wanted it now.  He leaped forward and grabbed one guy, the head guy he'd assume by his actions, his jaws clamping down on his arm and jerking back.  He howled in satisfaction when the arm broke and the bone punctured the skin.  He refused to swallow the bastard's blood and spit out the small amount that had dribbled in his mouth.  His wolf was large enough to prevent the other men from leaving and in a few seconds all three men were unconscious and bleeding on the floor profusely.  Shifting back he hurried over to his mate and with a whimper picked up the smaller man in his arms.  He walked around the room, collecting Tommy's clothes and shoes, before hurrying out of the bathroom.  Looking around the wall that made up the entrance to the restroom, he saw that the area was still deserted and his clothes were still where he left them.  He scooped them up and jerked the keys out of the pockets and rushed to the UHAUL truck.  Opening the door he placed Tommy gently in the seat and quickly pulled on his pants before climbing inside the vehicle.
     Buckling in his mate, he started the truck and backed the vehicle out of the space, before driving out of the rest area quickly.  He had to find a hotel, a nice hotel, and quickly.  He needed to get his mate to a hot bath and a bed so he could assess his injuries.  He'd just found this man, this special man.  His man.  He wasn't going to let him go now.


  1. Really? You stopped there? You are a tease!
    I am loving the story though.

  2. Using Thorny as a muse this time? =)

  3. Bah, meant to put that on pt 1, not pt 2.


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