Sunday, August 14, 2011

I Just Got Another Couple Married!!!!

Okay so no, gay marriages aren't legal in Florida (BOO for you Sunshine State!), BUT I've become known as the "Alternative Wedding Officiant" around these parts.  There are these two amazing guys that I know Lawrence, 35 and Timothy, 22, who asked me a few months ago the perform their ceremony.

I happily said yes.

I wore this really sexy, turquoise dress, straightened my hair, popped a few painkillers, put on my double-sided tape so my girls wouldn't pop out (that's happened more than once I must say.  It's not easy having DDs and being a size 5, I'm EXTREMELY top heavy-LOL-I love it though!) and got to ride in the car with Timothy, who I'm actually closer with, in spite of the fact that I've known Lawrence longer and actually told him that he needed to stop saying he was too old and just marry Timothy (they've been together for four years).

So I sat in the car snapping shots of myself, while I waited for them to grab my wheelchair so I could go in and get those crazy kids married.  Thought I'd share.

But, in all of my planning, I forgot to make sure that no one could see under my dress! So, I'm glad it was a gay wedding and just about everyone there was involved, because I was flashing the entire room during the entire ceremony. LOL.  And there's your wedding present boys! 

So congrats to Timothy and Lawrence!  Now I just have to get them some kids and I can move them into my success pile. Hahaha!!

I must say that there were some HOT guys there that were gay, I was a little disappointed, until I saw them kissing each other, then it was hot again. LOL.

I hope you all are having a great Sunday and if you can, throw some happy thoughts Lawrence and Timothy's way, those crazy kids are on their way to their honeymoon to San Francisco!! Woo!!!

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