Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Inconceivable: Part Five

Part Five:

     "And then I turned around and he was standing right there with his arms folded across his chest, looking all huge and intimidating and I could feel my boyfriend trembling beneath me, his cock shriveling up inside of me like a raisin before he slid out and I just got so mad.  So I slide off the bed, turn around to face him, put my hands on my hips and say: 'Why don't you find your own boyfriend METRIC TON!'  He was so shocked by the new nickname, he didn't even notice my boyfriend, grabbing his clothes and climbing out of the window, the same way he'd climbed in...except this time he was doing it naked," Tommy burst into laughter as Luci regaled him with the story of how she'd come to call Ton, "Metric Ton."  He noticed Ton wincing and he laughed even harder.  Luci had been telling stories about Ton during the entire meal and Tommy couldn't remember the last time that he'd laughed so hard.  It was great and he felt himself healing with every story.
     He had used the bathroom without Ton's assistance and had spent the entire time thinking about his mate and the fact that the other man had rather watch him suffer than mate him and heal him.  When his reason had finally returned he realized that he should be thankful that the other man had respected him enough to NOT take advantage of him in his injured state.  He'd stepped out of the bathroom gingerly, after flushing and washing his hands and had smiled shyly up at the larger man.  Ton must have read his forgiveness and understanding in his eyes because without a word being spoken the larger man had come over, scooped him up into his arms and carried him over to the dining table to eat.  They were still there.  Tommy had finished eating half an hour ago and Luci had finished five minutes ago, but Ton was still eating.  Damn, he hoped that they had a big refrigerator in their new home, because his mate ate like a huge, fucking animal.
     Tommy snorted in an effort to restrain his laughter.  He merely shook his head when Ton and Luci looked at him questioningly, not wanting to share his amusement with them, concerned that they may take offense.  He yawned widely and nodded when Luci asked him if he wanted a cup of water.  As soon as Luci walked away he leaned over and kissed Ton's cheek where the bigger man sat next to him.
     Ton looked at him, his eyes wide with shock, "What was that for?"  Tommy smiled at him sweetly, lifting his hands up to cup Ton's cheeks.
     "That was for NOT mating me when I was too vulnerable to resist or give my permission," Tommy said softly.  Ton swallowed thickly and nodded.  "That's the only reason you didn't mate me right?  It wasn't that you were suddenly turned off by me?" he asked, uncertain, biting his lower lip.  Ton didn't say anything, just reached up and grabbed one of Tommy's hands and pressed it firmly against his very large erection.
     "Point taken," Tommy grinned.  The two men shared another small kiss and pulled away just as Luci returned to the table.
     "So Luci, tell me, where's your mate?" Tommy asked curiously as he took a sip of water from his glass.  The room filled with tension immediately and Tommy found himself glancing back and forth between Ton and Luci.  The two of them were having some kind of silent conversation with their eyes and Tommy could feel their anxiety rolling off of them in waves.  What the hell was going on and what were they keeping secret?
     "He isn't really able to claim me.  So...we know who each other is, but we're just not able to act on it," Luci evaded the question before excusing herself with an excuse that she wanted to go and pack up her car and rushing from the room.
     Tommy turned to look at Ton with an incredulous look.  Ton shook his head and held up his hands in surrender.  "Uh-uh.  Don't look at me like that.  It's not my story to tell.  Believe me I want her and this guy to mate, I truly do, but they won't do it.  They asked me to keep that secret and I won't betray their trust," the Texan said.  Tommy nodded and sighed.  He respected his man for honoring the wishes of his sister and not divulging her secret but he was curious by nature and he really wanted to know.
     "I understand honey," Tommy reassured his mate and yawned widely.  He merely smiled when Ton stood up and scooped him into his arms before carrying him back to bed.  His man could carry him wherever he wanted to and he wouldn't protest at all.  When Ton made a move to get off of the bed, Tommy grabbed onto his wrist and smiled at him again.
     "Stay?" he asked and Ton nodded.
     "Only for a minute, then I've got to clean up the kitchen and get our stuff in the truck.  I've got to get back to the ranch and we've got to leave today," Ton stated before climbing over Tommy to settle beside him on the bed.  Tommy nodded and turned over onto his right side, pressing his back to Ton's chest and his ass to other man's jean-covered erection.  He smiled as Ton growled low in his chest.
     "Stop playing with fire baby and get some sleep.  We ain't gonna do nothing 'til you're feeling better and it ain't gonna hurt you," Ton groaned, his southern drawl more pronounced.  Tommy had noticed when he'd visited Richard months before that Ton's accent and Southern dialect was only apparent when he was really angry or really turned on and if the very large pipe poking him in the ass was any indication, his big cowboy was very turned on indeed.
     "I can guarantee you Ant, I'll be feeling 100% by the time we get to Texas.  So be ready to not leave the bedroom for a while, because I want to learn how to ride properly and I'm practicing on you," Tommy promised just before he relaxed into sleep.

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