Monday, August 22, 2011

Unthinkable: Part Twelve

*So I am SO unbelievably tired today and late with putting up this installment, but in true Vee-Vee fashion, I got an idea for a new book and had to start writing it.  Outside of the "Passion's Hero" series and the "Sacred Duets" series, both of which are fantasy/paranormal M/M romance, then the other day I was talking to a friend and she said, "You know you're gay right?" and while I laughed, it was instantly the first line in a new book for me.  So I've spent some time outlining and getting to know Markus Nelson, one of the wealthiest businessmen in the nation, built like a linebacker, gorgeous and an extremely closeted gay man, Tiffany Nelson, his outspoken, proud, lesbian younger sister, and Ethan Wells, the beautiful waiter he falls in love with.  It's the first contemporary book I'm attempting and it's in first person so it gives me an opportunity to actually BE that gay man that that psychic told me that I was in a past life. LOL.  I always get so excited when I first start a book or a story, because the characters are always so fascinating to me, I get to find out why they think, act and feel the way that they do.  That leads the story the way it goes.  Not even that, today I had a Hollywood moment when my car filled up with smoke as I was driving and slowed down until it stopped on the side of the interstate.  I had two police officers, a Road Ranger and a tow truck guy all stop (the tow truck guy was actually from Allstate Motor Club, which I have).  If I had been in a Hollywood movie, I would have begun a love affair with one of them.  If I were in a porno, I would have been fucked by each one of them only to have my car start up perfectly fine at the end.  In my dreams, they all would have been really hot gay men and had sex with each other, while I watched...then again it's my dreams so I would've been a gay man myself and gotten in on the action.  LOL.  Anyway, during all of this I got an idea for Part Twelve of Unthinkable, so here it is.*

Part Twelve:

     Richard followed Ross through his small kitchen and into his living room and froze.  He turned around and looked again.  He hadn't left Ross's house and entered the Central Intelligence Agency, but he was surrounded by screens, monitors, gadgets, cameras, robots, video cameras, and all manner of spy devices.  As he looked at one screen he saw what appeared to be the back of his home with Vet.  His eyes widened as he realized that it was a live camera feed of their home.  Turning very slowly he turned to look at Ross with suspicion, stepping away from the other man, cursing the fact that he was standing so close to the triplets who still slept inside their stroller.
     " do you know Vet?" he asked suspiciously as he walked closer to the stroller and began to pull the triplets away from Ross.
     "Oh, me and Vernon go way back to preschool.  We both discovered that we liked boys at the same time, lost our virginity to each other, both of us topping the other, we shifted for the first time together," Ross sighed.  "We've been together for a really long time."
     "So, I guess you were upset when you heard that he'd found his mate huh?" Richard asked as he continued to back away from Ross who had his back to him.  He watched as Ross's shoulders stiffened.
     "No, not upset.  Vernon and I always knew that we weren't mates," the larger man responded, his voice tight with an unidentified emotion.
     Richard nodded though he was aware that the other man could not see him.  "So if you weren't upset that he'd found his mate then why didn't you go help him when you looked at your monitors and you saw the huge battle he was running into?" he asked quietly as he hid the triplets in their stroller around the corner of the room, in the hallway.  His eyes jerked up at the sound of Ross's gasp and then braced himself for the man's angry reaction.
     It never came.
     What Richard saw instead was Ross's shoulders shaking and he wondered if the other man was laughing.  He opened his mouth to rebuke the man when he heard his sob.  He was shocked when Ross's hands came up to brace against the edges of the desk he stood in front of.
     "I was fucking some closeted football player when it started.  I rushed him out of the door when I heard what was going on, hours later.  I was just about to shift and go down to help when you called.  I knew that Vernon would want me to help you, more than he'd want me to help him.  So I came to help you," a sniffle, a groan of despair and then a growl emanated from the bigger man's direction.  "I don't regret helping you and the babes, but my best friend is out there somewhere, maybe hurt or worse and I-"
     Ross's words were cut off by the sound of rapid pounding on the door.  Ross turned and sniffed the air before a big grin broke out over his face.
     "Then again, the bastard could be on the other side of the door," he stated excitedly before rushing over to the door and swinging it wide open.  Standing there, supported by Ton and Howell was Vet, looking bruised and bloodied but alive.  So wonderfully alive.  And to Richard, he'd never seen anything better.
     "Where's my mate?" Vet's voice rasped out moments before Richard launched himself into his mate's arms.  Vet lifted his arms from Ton and Howell's shoulders and caught the smaller man in his arms, sinking to the floor and pressing his face into his air and inhaling deeply.  Richard felt his throat tighten, and his eyes burn with unshed tears.  His mate was okay, he wasn't going to have to try and live without him.  Everything would be okay now.
     "So what happened?  Me and the little guy were just about to come down and join the party," Ross teased thought everyone could hear the emotion in his voice.  Vet growled and clutched Richard to him tighter.
     "Well," Howell, a broad shouldered black man with long dreads that hung down like thick black ropes to his shoulders and stormy grey eyes, said with a tilt of his lips, "seems as if Bobby Ray was a little bit upset that our alpha is a gay man with a gay man for a mate.  So he went out and found a group of rogue wolves to try to take over the Tate Pack.  He didn't tell the other wolves why he wanted to overthrow Vet though.  They didn't find out until after we were all fighting and biting and snarling at each other.  The one of the rogue wolves heard Bobby Ray yelling about finding the alpha's 'queer mate' and stringing him up and he sort of stopped fighting.  He yelled out in anger and raced towards Bobby Ray and started to fight against him."
     Richard lifted his head from Vet's shoulder and looked at Howell in confusion.  "Turns out that they were rogue wolves because they were thrown out of their pack for being gay and many of them are mates.  Of the twenty five men that came with Bobby Ray, only three of them are single," Vet said and Richard stared at him with wide eyes.  He leaned into the hand that Vet pressed against his cheek and closed his eyes with a purr of contentment.
     "So the fighting pretty much stopped a few hours in, but we couldn't find Vet, seems as though he was supposed to be beaten and kidnapped, so he could be 'reeducated' about his new role as a gamma to Bobby Ray or some nonsense," Ton rumbled.  "So we tied up Bobby Ray and took him with us while the rogue wolves took us to where they were supposed to meet up and start Vet's lessons.  The other wolves explained what was going on and Vet was released, badly bloodied and bruised.  We were going to let him just kill Bobby Ray right there, but he wanted it to be honorable so the two of them shifted and fought to the death and well..."
     "You won.  You survived.  You came back to me," Richard whispered, love and gratitude that his mate had survived shining through his words.
     "I promised you that I would beautiful and I always keep my promises," Vet responded before pulling his mate into a deep, loving kiss.

*Tomorrow's installment will go up in the morning.  I promise!*


  1. Hey VeeVee!! Stopped by to check out your blog and say hi, but my brain has recently been ruined - got all distracted by the pretty colours and random links to twitter and such, and now I realise I'm late for meeting my roommate! Anyway, *mwah* - it's the thought that counts, right? ;-)

  2. Kate!!! LOL!!! Sorry about that, you're not the first person to tell me that they come to my blog and forget what they're supposed to be doing. I'm taking it as a compliment. And it IS the thought that counts! Tell your roommate it's all my fault. MWAH!!


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