Friday, August 26, 2011

Inconceivable: Part Three

Part Three:

     Tommy woke up to pain.  Excruciating, blinding, heart-stopping, breath-stealing pain.  For a moment it was all he could think about.  The pain started at his head and worked all the way down his....what the fuck?  Did his dick hurt too?  He groaned and realized at that point that there were other people in the room with him.  The extremely deep voice of a man, the sexiest voice he'd ever heard, and a lighter, softer, more melodious sound of a woman.  Maybe they were the doctor and the nurse?  Maybe he was in the hospital?  That would make sense if he was run over by a Mac truck like he felt.
     "Baby?  Did you make a noise?  Please baby, respond...say something," he heard the man say and his heart pounded in his chest.  Baby?  Why was this man calling him baby?  That seemed a little inappropriate coming from his doctor.  He struggled to remember what had happened to him, where he was, who this man could be....he remembered....getting ready to move in with someone....a man, a big man....Anton!  Anton Forrester, the wolf shifter....oh yeah, they were on the road, they'd made it all the way to Virginia and then....he gasped as he remembered walking into the restroom.  He began thrashing on the bed, moaning and screaming as he relived the horror of his attack.
     "No!  No!  No!!" he screamed, tears rolling down his face, his mouth open and gasping for air, his arms and his legs thrashing about wildly as he tried to fight off his invisible attackers.
     "Tommy!  Baby!  Wake up!  You're safe.  I'm here,  they're gone.  I promise.  C'mon baby, please open your eyes, please," he heard the man say and instantly soothed.  His eyes popped open and he sat up quickly in pain, wincing in agony.  He looked around the room wildly and he saw Ton sitting on the bed next to him, his hands clutching his shoulders.  He threw himself into the bigger man's arms, uncaring of his injuries, unmindful of his appearance.
     "Oh god Ant!" he cried as he clutched the other man's shirt desperately, scrambling to climb up into the cowboy's lap.  He heard the other man making shushing noises in an effort to calm him and felt Ton's hands hold onto him firmly.  When another, more slender hand touched his back before rubbing his hair he stiffened and jerked away.
     "Tommy!  Baby!  It's okay.  It's just my sister, Luci.  She's a doctor, I called her and asked her to meet us here, to help you!" Ton stated frantically.
     Tommy looked over at the woman and assessed her.  She stood at his height, with long brown hair that fell to the middle of her back, a small pert nose, pink lips, a delicate almost disarming frame of body, with curves in all the right places, and as his eyes traveled back up he saw her eyes, her startling blue eyes.  Those eyes, filled with kindness, sadness for what he'd been through, anger at his attackers, sympathy for his anguish, and concern over his injuries, filled him with peace and he calmed instantly.  He heard Ton chuckle and looked over at him, much more calm and serene, more aware of his surroundings than he had been upon first waking.
     "Luci is an omega.  She has this ability to make people feel at ease and at peace.  It's sort of a she has.  I haven't seen her use it on a human in a while," Ton explained and Tommy nodded.  So Luci was a wolf shifter too.
     "Are they dead?" he asked, his voice devoid of emotion, raspy from screaming.  He saw Ton and Luci exchange looks before Ton answered him.
     "No, they're not.  They were injured pretty bad though, had to be put into the hospital, both for their injuries and because they said they saw the wolf that attacked them turn into a human before he picked up the other man in the bathroom, the one that they'd beat up," the Texan growled.
     Tommy's eyebrows lifted in amazement, "They confessed to beating me up?"
     "In their confusion and hysteria, yeah, they did," Ton said with a smile.  Tommy merely nodded again and looked around the room, before his eyes landed on the pamphlet on the table.
     "Mississippi?" he read aloud and looked over at Ton.  "We're in Mississippi?"
     Ton nodded and swallowed thickly.  "I tried to nurse you myself, but you were getting worse.  You wouldn't wake up, I wasn't sure if you were even alive.  I took you to the hospital, but they wanted to keep you overnight and wouldn't let me see you.  So I sneaked out with you and kept driving.  My sister was visiting a friend of hers here in Mississippi so we just met up here so she could care for you."
     Tommy looked over at Luci who merely smiled at him before answering, "I stitched you up, gave you a shot for the pain, wrapped your ribs, your wrist, your ankle.  I even had to bandage your head for a while."
     Tommy's hands flew to his hair and began to run through his curls frantically.  Ton grasped his hands and pulled them down.  "Don't worry, nothing was shaved or anything," he reassured him.  Tommy breathed a sigh of relief and crawled back up into the big wolf's lap before reaching out a hand to Luci.
     "Thank you so much," he said to her with a small smile.  He breathed a sigh of relief and felt exhaustion sweep back over him, he tried to fight against it, wanting the chance to get to know Luci but more than that, wanting to spend time with his wolf, his hero, his mate.  The thought of being Ton's mate didn't scare him as much anymore.  He'd survived a horrific attack because of this man, his man.  An attack he received because people couldn't accept the fact that everyone is different, and that which they saw as being socially normal was actually humanly abnormal.  Differences were what made up the human race, similarities were what made up drones and clones.
     "Get some sleep baby, we'll still be here when you wake up," he heard Ton's voice say and without another thought, he drifted off to sleep.

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