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Book Reviews of Mary Calmes's Werepanther Series: Change of Heart & Trusted Bond

Change of Heart (Change of Heart, #1)Change of Heart by Mary Calmes
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Okay, this was one of the first ever gay romance audiobook that I heard and I must tell you, Mrs Calmes had me hooked halfway through this book.  I identified with Jin and Logan reminded me of my fiance Christopher.  The fact that Jin fought so hard against mating with Logan Church, even though he was so drawn to him, especially because of a past hurt, it made me so aware of how fear can keep us from the best things in our lives if we let it.  We have to overcome that fear and hold on to love with both hands and our legs wrapped around its proverbial waist.

Even Mrs. Calmes secondary characters were interesting and while I was hooked on the story of Jin and Logan, I found myself curious about Korah and Domin, and all of the others.  Mrs. Calmes has a gift for drawing her readers into the story, chaining you to the characters and then whipping you with a story line so fraught with passion, love, intrigue, suspense, and the paranormal, that when the story is over you've collapsed from a very satisfying release.

Five stars across the board and how happy was I when I found out there was a book two in the works and then when I read it: OH MY!!

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My rating: 5 of 5 stars
I bought this book as SOON as I could and read it in one sitting.  It was ADDICTIVE!! Mary Calmes had action going from beginning to end and to see how strong the love and the bond is between Jin and Logan.  And then to find out about the power that Jin possesses?  WOW!!  I fell in love with this book just like I fell in love with "Change of Heart."  This book was UH-MAY-ZING from beginning to end.  It might be too much to ask of Mrs. Calmes to write another book about Jin and Logan but I'm so addicted to them, especially after this book, but damn it's what I want!!  It's a must read and another must read and another must read.

Thank you Mrs Calmes, for creating characters that are so easy to love. I think it's a rare treat when you find a book that's not only entertaining but that reflects a part of you and helps you to grow or teaches you about the power of the love between two people. I see myself in Jin, crazy as it may seem, someone who others see as special but who struggles to see their own worth and struggles with truly trusting in the love of someone else. I see my fiance, Christopher (who passed away 5 years ago) in Logan. So, for me, reading their story is even more precious to me.

Even Jin's need to keep poking and prodding trying to find some major flaw as an excuse to end the relationship and protect himself, even though he was hopelessly in love with Logan, made the book more intesting. I read the book and kept smiling because I could just see us being reflected (Everytime I muttered to Jin, "He loves you, you idiot! Let him show it his way!" I felt a little sheepish because it's something that my best friend said to me).

This is definitely a MUST-read.  There were so many surprises, twists, turns and unexpected action that I read this book almost EVERYDAY for three months and never tired of it.  The only thing that made this book MORE special, was the fact that Mrs. Calmes sent me an autographed copy.  I anxiously await book three in this series.  I have missed Jin and Logan and can't wait to see what they're going to be up to next. (*Turns to pick up "Trusted Bond" to read again*)

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  1. This is probably tied with Andrea Speed's Infectec series as my all-time favorite shifter series. (I refuse to choose between them, but I did read and fall in love with Change of Heart first.) I did a Snoopy dance the day I found out there was to be a sequel, AND a third! Yes!!! =)


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