Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Unthinkable: Epilogue


     "VET!!! GET IN HERE QUICK!!" Richard yelled and Vet felt his heart stop in his chest before it sped up quickly.  Hearing his mate's frantic voice, he slid out from underneath the sink and raced towards the living room.  
     "What happened?  What's wrong?" he panted out, his eyes darting around the room looking for the source of his mate's panic when he saw nothing he looked back at his mate and then stopped in his tracks.  Richard was sitting on the floor with RJ standing in front of him, his hands on the baby's waist.  RJ was facing Vet, his hands stretched out towards him.
     "Watch Daddy.  Look at what our baby can do," Richard said with a grin before looking at RJ.  "Show Daddy what you can do RJ.  Go to Daddy."  Seconds later Richard released RJ and Vet's heart stuttered in his chest as the baby took one step, then another, then another.  Tears stung his eyes and he knelt before the little boy his arms open as the infant stumbled into his arms.  Lifting him into his arms, he clutched the baby to him tightly, tears rolling down his face.  He missed his sister Mandy so much at that moment.  Mandy should have been there to see her baby take his first steps.  She should have been there to see them grow up, to celebrate with them when Amy had said "Papa" for the first time while holding Richard's face.  He couldn't help feeling a little guilt because he knew that had Mandy still been alive he probably wouldn't have met Richard when he did and he wouldn't trade his life with his mate for anything in the world.
     It had been six months since the battle with Bobby Ray.  Six blissful months with the triplets.  They had welcomed all twenty-five of the rogue wolves into the pack, the farm and the ranch were flourishing, Richard had started teaching dance to some of the cubs in the pack, he had also started planting and maintaining their vegetable garden and their greenhouse.  Vet was extremely proud of him.  The triplets were thriving, growing up quickly, learning to walk and talk,  always smiling and laughing and happy and Vet knew it was all because of his mate.  With a final hug for RJ, he placed the little boy down on the floor and strode over to his mate.  Richard stood up with a smile on his face.
     "Aren't you proud Daddy?" Richard asked.  The two of them had taken to calling each other by what they wanted the triplets to call them whenever they were around.  Vet thought it was a little silly.  Atleast he did until Amy had called him "Dada" and then he'd grinned like an idiot for five hours.
     "I am so proud and so happy Papa," he responded before taking the smaller man into his arms.  "You have made me the happiest man in the world.  I love you more each day.  Thank you."
     Richard blinked up at him before a wide grin split his face, "I love you too my big puppy cowboy."  Richard laughed and took off running as Vet growled playfully and gave chase.  "I'm a wolf not a dog!" he yelled out before tossing his smaller man over his shoulder and heading towards the kitchen, where he laid his mate down on the counter and showed him the difference between a puppy and full-grown wolf shifter.
     Vet had never expected to find his mate in New York, had all but given up on having children of his own, but it turned out that what he'd thought was impossible and unthinkable turned out to be the greatest thing to ever happen to him.  He couldn't have asked for anything more.

                                                              THE END

*AAaawww, sad to have to say good bye to Vet and Richard.  But I've got another story idea called "Inconceivable" and it's about Anton "Ton" and Tommy, so we'll see Vet and Richard again.  Hope you enjoyed it!*


  1. Noooooooo... It's over? How soon for the other story? Yeah I'm greedy, but I really enjoy your stories.

  2. LOL. You can be greedy when it comes to my stories, it gives me an incentive to keep writing. Part One of "Inconceivable" will be up tomorrow.

    BTW, I had one of my Goodreads friends ask me to put my stories in PDF format so that she could upload them to her kindle. I've already done that for "Unthinkable" since it's finished and I'll start doing that for all of my online stories for whoever wants one.

  3. Sweet. Look forward to the next one. =)


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